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by Sarah Kane

 I crave white on white and black, but my thoughts race in glorious technicolour, prodding me awake, whipping away the warm blanket of invisibility every time it swears to smother my mind in nothing.  Sarah Kane

Directed by Janice Muller
Designed by Emily Barrie

Australian Premiere

Melbourne Fringe Festival, The Store Room

4 – 22 October 2000

with Trudy Hellier, Miria Kostiuk, Neil Pigot and Michael Robinson

B Sharp, Downstairs Belvoir Street,

June 28- July 15 2001

with Neil Pigot, Julie Eckersley, T’Mara Buckmaster, Damian Walshe-Howling






Brutally honest, emotionally raw .... CRAVE charts the disintegration of the human mind under the pressure of love, loss and desire.  With echoes of The Wasteland, Kane writes with courage and imagination about the pain and possibility of love.  

“intense and absorbing performances, Pigot, in particular gives a wonderfully nuanced and affecting performance”
“This is a grim but fascinating depiction of contemporary individualism, its excellent performances ensuring our absorption in a tricky and confronting exercise.”
Helen Thomson, The Age

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