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by My Darling Patricia


Co-creators Halcyon Macleod (writing & narration)

and Clare Britton (images). 

Lighting design:  Matt Marshall

Composition and sound design:  Jack Prest

Performance & choreography: Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal

Dramaturg & script editor:  Janice Muller

Artistic consultants:  Alice Osborne and Chris Ryan


Produced for My Darling Patricia by Marguerite Pepper


Thanks to Elizabeth Ryan, Chris Twynman, Robyn Backen and Annemaree Dalziel


Supported and co-presented by Campbelltown Arts Centre


September 2014

Photo: Heidrun Lohr

MANTLE takes its audience into a sustained blackout and transports them to the centre of the Earth’s core. As the lights fade-up incrementally on a series of striking live images, the audience are guided back from the centre of the Earth to reach the surface.Working in low light, MANTLE harnesses a playful confluence of memory, imagination and suggestion.


The “mantle” is the bulk of the Earth’s mass. It’s where the heat is. It’s the furnace of change that drives you onwards. Geology calls up a sense of the ancient, it invites us to feel tiny within the abyss of time. MANTLE engages with the science and stories of geology and with metaphors of surfacing.


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