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Lost & Found Opera & Perth Festival


Presented in association with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra

Composer: Luke Styles

Librettist: Peter Goldsworthy

Conductor: Chris Van Tuinen

Director: Janice Muller

Designer: Charles Davis

Cast: Fiona Campbell, Samuel Dundas,

Pia Harris, Robert Macfarlane, Adrian Tamburini and Matt Reuben James Ward.


Explores one of our most iconic figures and the people and places that drove the Kelly Gang to the violent stand-off and siege at Glenrowan. Irish squatter, beekeeper, cross-dressing Republican, murderous bushranger and devoted family man are just some of the contradictions in this complex and compelling story staged at No. 1 Mill, Jarrahdale);

“Watching Samuel Dundas as Ned Kelly, dressed in his makeshift armour with its iconic helmet, and staggering as the police bullets rain down on him at Glenrowan, while the lighting suddenly illuminates the bush behind the performance venue with a dark pink hue, is one of the most haunting images in this chamber opera – and one that I will long remember."

Jo Litson, Limelight Magazine 2019


“A solid, gripping production…the music and performances are terrific.”            Steve Dow, The Guardian

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