An walk through theatrical experience based on Hansel and Gretel created in  

collaboration with the students of Newstead Primary School. 

Set in the Newstead ArtsHub, children walked through a forest, listened to parent's argue from Hansel & Gretel's bedroom, sat in Hansel's cage with small chicken bones while the witch cooked next door, ,turned on the radio in the witch's kitchen, and watched a video of children dancing in the woods.

Concept & direction: Janice Muller

Production Design: Darryl Cordell

Sound Design: Ian Moorhead

Text: Dan Giovannoni

Contributing artists: Julia Robinson, Deb Ferguson, Simon Beckett and Mattea Davis.

Graphic Design: Meg Norris

20 -29 October 2018

Railway Arts Hub

Tivey Street, Newstead

Supported by Regional Centre for Culture for Culture, Creative Arts Victoria

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