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by Martin Crimp​

Australian Premiere

July 18 – August 3 2003B Sharp, Belvoir Street Theatre, Sydney

Directed by Janice Muller
Set Design Phil Rolfe
Costume Design Emily Barrie
Lighting Design Rob Irwin
Composer Anthony Pateras
Producer Janice Muller
Associate Producer Sam Hawker

with Neil Pigot, Leah Vandenberg

and Natasha Herbert.


Another corker for the Downstairs Theatre. Don’t miss it.

SX News 

All three actors give really considered performances of Crimp’s difficult verbiage. Herbert’s priggishness
and Pigot’s diffidence are beautifully constructed and Vandenberg’s quavery, vibrating junkie is thoroughly accurate.
Sydney Morning Herald

Janice Muller’s direction and Phil Rolfe’s scenic design are spare and elegant solutions. 

Herald Sun

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